Monday, September 22, 2008

Apron Pics

Some pictures I sent to Kristyn for the boutique. Thanks Heather and Lacy for being my gorgeous models. I'm just getting more and more excited!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Making Wreaths

Heather had such a good idea to make our own Holiday wreaths. It was so fun! We went to Michael's while Lacy was at pre-school today and got all our supplies. I decided I wanted to make one for the cute wreath stand my Mother in Law got me and one for the front door.
For the one I put on the stand, which is on my kitchen table, we got plain stick wreaths and decorated them with berry garland, yummy smelling pine cones, little pumpkins, leaves, etc. I LOVE the way they turned out.
I took all the extra yummy smelling pine cones, and some other pumpkins I got and put them in this awesome parfait dish I got. I love the way it looks and props to me for thinking outside the box and using the parfait dish- now hopefully I wont suddenly have the urge to make a parfait for a few months!

The one I put out on the front door I copied from Andrea . The only difference was that when I was done I covered mine in modge-podge. I'm sure it doesn't look as good but I am hanging mine on my front door and I wanted it to withstand the heat, cold, rain, etc. I just thought it made it a little more weather-proof. Thanks Andrea for the cute idea, I told you I would do it... and blog it :) I also love the way this one turned out. Plus I put these two cute Halloween bells in the middle of them for the Halloween season.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shout out!

I posted about the aprons earlier, but I failed to say who showed me the ropes and taught me how to make these beautiful fun aprons. I blogged about it on my blog... but not here. My beautiful, talented sister Chantal taught me all I know about sewing aprons. She is such a good and fun teacher and I am so grateful for her showing me how. When I went to Cali a couple weeks ago we had so much fun staying up late getting our craft on. Thanks Chantal for sharing your talents and not hiding your light under a bushel. You definitely let your light shine and you brighten the world around you! LOVE YOU!!

How to make your own dress form

I have been wanting a dress form lately, but they are super expensive! I found this awesome blog that showed how to make your very own. check it out! Well I've been making lots of little girl things, so I decided to start small and make a little girl dress form. Especially since I have a beautiful willing little girl.

Step 1: A Happy Model
Step 2: Put on a big T-Shirt you dont mind ruining
Step 3: Wrap up to the bust (not as important on a small child since they arent quite as shapely).. but if you are doing it on an adult woman, stop just below chest and then start taping vertically.
Step 4: Be sure to wrap around neck and arms. Try to keep it super tight with no gaps
Step 5: Make sure you have the back done nicely so you have a nice shape once its off
Step 6: With a permanent marker, mark the center of the front and back and around the waist.
Step 7: Carefully cut up the back and center of the form, cut the shirt
Step 8: Carefully remove form and re-tape up the back
Step 9: With cardboard cute out circles for the bottom, arms and neck of bust

Step 10: Make sure your model is happy
Step 11: Stuff your bust with old fabric, styrofoam peanuts, whatever!

note: I also took some cardboard and made a little neck. This is certainly not perfect but remember, it was my FIRST! The etsylabs tutorial is much better than mine. Thanks for the tips and tricks! I love that I now have an exact form of Lacy's size. It is going to make making halloween costumes, dresses, skirts, etc. much easier than measuring, fitting, sizing, etc. with this on hand!

Crafting with Clarissa

Clarissa and I had a couple of really fun craft days I though I would blog about. (of course!) The first day she came over and made bows for her little Avery and I sewed aprons for the upcoming botique. We had a ton of fun, as always. Lacy got to color on her easel, which she loved and Hugo played blissfully in anything we would drop on the floor. It was a wonderful afternoon of doing things I love with someone I love to be with!

This is one of my favorite little girl aprons I did that day!The next day we crafted, it started wtih Clarissa and I running lots of errands together while she waited for her car to be fixed. After running errands we had some time to kill so we did something else we both love... we BAKED! We baked some yummy red velvet cake in the shape of hearts. It was fun and both Logan and Shawn loved the treats we made for them. Lacy loves to bake too, cracking eggs, stiring and most of all, putting sprinkles on! Hugo took a nice long nap while we did it all!