Friday, September 19, 2008

Making Wreaths

Heather had such a good idea to make our own Holiday wreaths. It was so fun! We went to Michael's while Lacy was at pre-school today and got all our supplies. I decided I wanted to make one for the cute wreath stand my Mother in Law got me and one for the front door.
For the one I put on the stand, which is on my kitchen table, we got plain stick wreaths and decorated them with berry garland, yummy smelling pine cones, little pumpkins, leaves, etc. I LOVE the way they turned out.
I took all the extra yummy smelling pine cones, and some other pumpkins I got and put them in this awesome parfait dish I got. I love the way it looks and props to me for thinking outside the box and using the parfait dish- now hopefully I wont suddenly have the urge to make a parfait for a few months!

The one I put out on the front door I copied from Andrea . The only difference was that when I was done I covered mine in modge-podge. I'm sure it doesn't look as good but I am hanging mine on my front door and I wanted it to withstand the heat, cold, rain, etc. I just thought it made it a little more weather-proof. Thanks Andrea for the cute idea, I told you I would do it... and blog it :) I also love the way this one turned out. Plus I put these two cute Halloween bells in the middle of them for the Halloween season.


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Chantal said...

Wow those look so good, the way you displayed then and the photo editing is beautiful!
I think I'm gonna try the fabric one. What did you do to make it more weather proof?