Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crafting with Clarissa

Clarissa and I had a couple of really fun craft days I though I would blog about. (of course!) The first day she came over and made bows for her little Avery and I sewed aprons for the upcoming botique. We had a ton of fun, as always. Lacy got to color on her easel, which she loved and Hugo played blissfully in anything we would drop on the floor. It was a wonderful afternoon of doing things I love with someone I love to be with!

This is one of my favorite little girl aprons I did that day!The next day we crafted, it started wtih Clarissa and I running lots of errands together while she waited for her car to be fixed. After running errands we had some time to kill so we did something else we both love... we BAKED! We baked some yummy red velvet cake in the shape of hearts. It was fun and both Logan and Shawn loved the treats we made for them. Lacy loves to bake too, cracking eggs, stiring and most of all, putting sprinkles on! Hugo took a nice long nap while we did it all!

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