Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How to make your own dress form

I have been wanting a dress form lately, but they are super expensive! I found this awesome blog that showed how to make your very own. check it out! Well I've been making lots of little girl things, so I decided to start small and make a little girl dress form. Especially since I have a beautiful willing little girl.

Step 1: A Happy Model
Step 2: Put on a big T-Shirt you dont mind ruining
Step 3: Wrap up to the bust (not as important on a small child since they arent quite as shapely).. but if you are doing it on an adult woman, stop just below chest and then start taping vertically.
Step 4: Be sure to wrap around neck and arms. Try to keep it super tight with no gaps
Step 5: Make sure you have the back done nicely so you have a nice shape once its off
Step 6: With a permanent marker, mark the center of the front and back and around the waist.
Step 7: Carefully cut up the back and center of the form, cut the shirt
Step 8: Carefully remove form and re-tape up the back
Step 9: With cardboard cute out circles for the bottom, arms and neck of bust

Step 10: Make sure your model is happy
Step 11: Stuff your bust with old fabric, styrofoam peanuts, whatever!

note: I also took some cardboard and made a little neck. This is certainly not perfect but remember, it was my FIRST! The etsylabs tutorial is much better than mine. Thanks for the tips and tricks! I love that I now have an exact form of Lacy's size. It is going to make making halloween costumes, dresses, skirts, etc. much easier than measuring, fitting, sizing, etc. with this on hand!

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Susan (Mommy) said...

Wrap with what? How does it keep it's form. THis is really cool. You need to put clothes on it and let us see it used.